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Crunch 'N' Scream

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the most divine lovechild to ever hit the world of sugar junkies: the ice cream doughnut sandwich.

Once upon a time, cookies met ice cream and made babies. And it was wonderful. These cookie-ice-cream hybrids were the answer to all our prayers, combining two magnificent things and creating one super-dessert, which ensured we'd eat our own weight in calories every time we consumed one of them. But did we care? No, no we did not, because there is little on this earth that can compare to an ice cream cookie sandwich. That is, until the ice cream doughnut sandwich was born. Yes, you heard correctly. AN ICE CREAM DOUGHNUT SANDWICH. We're getting a sugar high just thinking about it.

The aforementioned sugar-coma-inducing goodies are thanks to Crunch'N'Scream, a local brand that decided, hey, let's blow the minds of every sweet toothed human out there! Their store boasts everything from the sugary concoctions mentioned above, to ice drinks, to stuffed cookies. And it all looks heavenly. We suggest you get your asses over there and do some serious face stuffing.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @crunchnscream.