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Cupcakes 101

Give a man a cupcake and he will eat for a day but teach a man to cupcake and he'll eat for a lifetime. On the 18th November, learn how to make the perfect cupcake from the pastry-pros at Semiramis (and eat loads of cupcakes while you're at it)!

When you get depressed, you laze around and distract your mind with the little things in life. Sometimes those little things can turn you into a big thing. You indulge in your sweet-tooth and binge on cupcakes; delicious sugary clouds of wonder sprinkles with exotic flavours. Egypt seems to be going through a similar phase, avoiding confronting the socio-economic and political turmoil by getting scarily obsessed with cupcakes. Birthdays, shop openings, funerals, revolutions... Every occasion seems to be a call for cupcakes these days. We even hear Red Velvet might be running for President.

As such, on Monday 18th November, the InterContinental Semiramis will be getting in on the act with a special culinary event to make our new vice even more addictive. Give a man a cupcake and he will eat for a day but teach a man to cupcake and he'll eat for a lifetime. Here is your chance to learn how to make your own perfect cupcake from the pastry pros, saying goodbye to waiting for deliveries or leaving your home to get your hands on some spongy delights forever. Of course you can also make them for friends, loved ones, families or dogs with an acquired taste. Chef Khaled Saad will be taking you through the base ingredients, recipes for sweet and savory cupcakes as well as some nifty decorating tips. Saad by name, super-happy by nature:

The event will take place on the 18th of November from 10am to 1pm and will cost you 200 LE, including an elaborate coffee and cupcake break.

Contact 02 376 22 11 6/7/5 to reserve. To find out more delicious goings on at the InterContinental Semiramis, visit their Facebook page here.