Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Dazzle Your Party

An awesome online store, Dazzle Your Party does just that, selling the sorts of party accessories you've only experienced in Hollywood sitcoms.

Staff Writer

So these days, we've found ourselves running into many bachelorette parties/suddenly feeling the urge to celebrate each and every occasion properly, from Christmas to Easter, like bored soccer moms, perhaps as a method of compensating for our ageing. Celebrating shit keeps you young, does it not? Except, the thing is, it's been tough. Last time we went looking for a damn New Year's hat and silly sunglasses, we had to spend six hours in the car, sloughing through traffic as we hit up endless stores that we thought might maybe possibly have what we wanted, never finding anything – we did manage to find a shitty hat at one Zamalek store that nearly gave us a heart attack when the saleslady told us it was for 150 pounds. How is one expected to go about youthfully celebrating every occasion without access to all the cheesy trimmings? Where are we supposed to get our oversized sunglasses and princess tiaras? When we want to feel appropriately rave-tastic, where are we supposed to get glowsticks? Huh? HUH?  

So turns out, there is somewhere you can get all this in Cairo -  a nifty little online store called Dazzle Your Party. We wanted a pony named Dazzle when we were six. But that's neither here nor there; just felt like sharing. Anyway, this party hub has everything you could ever need to accessorise your party – and this covers a nice innocent kids party, complete with piñatas, to helium balloons (whether you want to use them as decorations or to inhale the gas and make funny voices – your call), to all kinds of masks, headbands, wigs and even Chinese lanterns. CHINESE LANTERNS! We've always wanted to have a party where everyone just released Chinese lanterns into the sky, a la Hollywood movies. Like, we just want to do it for absolutely no reason, we don’t even need a party to do this. We're officially instating Chinese Lantern Thursdays at the CairoScene office from now on. But moving on, Dazzle My Party's prices are super reasonable, they have a massive variety, and most importantly, for our lazy Egyptian selves, they deliver!

You can check out their Facebook page here.