Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Desperados Wants to Take You to Spain for a Music Festival in the Sky

You'll, quite literally, get to dance on cloud 9.

Staff Writer

Festivals have become pretty generic, even predictable. They mostly look and sound the same and they're quickly wiped from our memories. So naturally, the idea of going to one has become increasingly less appealing. But lucky for us Desperados is here, changing the game all over again. This time, with an epic festival... get this... in the SKY. 

Desperados’ one-of-a-kind Skyfest is set to take place right outside of Barcelona, Spain from September 15th to 17th and they’re giving a tribe of three lucky friends the chance to attend. And this isn’t just any festival, it’s a festival in the sky. The brewers of everyone's favourite beer are going all out and suspending dance floors from hot air balloons with fabulous light shows and an incredible lineup of international DJs. You’ll literally be dancing on cloud nine.

For three days this July, you can head over to the Tap Maadi and the Tap East for a musical trivia night that’ll bring you one step closer to eating authentic churros right as they’re made. It’s as easy as you and your team winning just ONE of the three rounds, which will be held on July 10th and 25th at the Tap Maadi and July 18th at the Tap East. Once you’re through to the final stage of the competition, you and your team will be required to form a band with completely makeshift instruments and perform at the Tap East on August 1st, and the crowd will determine the winner.

The Tap will also be bringing in some of the best bands in Egypt on those days to perform and lead the trivia questions. So brush up on your music knowledge and make sure you and your tribe are 25 or older before you apply.

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