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Dessert Daydreams

One of the newest members cashing-in on Cairo's dessert/cupcake craze is Pavlova, and the super-cute store in Korba is serving up the most ingenious konafa creations this Ramadan. Did we just hear Nutella/Ferrero Rocher Konafa??? *Omnomnom*

So the other day, in our hunger-crazed state, it being Ramadan and all, we were just sitting around being hungry and cranky when one of our friends rushed up to us to show us an insane red velvet konafa dessert. Naturally, first we swore at him for showing us such deliciousness while we were fasting, and then, with our sweet tooth's interest firmly piqued, we headed over to the account of the shop responsible for such delicious madness, Pavlova, to check out what else they had on offer.  The newly opened confectionary kingdom boasts epic, mouthwatering Ramadan desserts with a twist. Their red velvet konafa is just the tip of the iceberg; they've also created a Nutella/Ferrero Rocher Konafa, Konafa Bala7 Caramel Croquant, and a Blueberry Konafa, with a blueberry and cream cheese filling. BLUEBERRY KONAFA. WHAT IS THIS PLACE?

The store was opened just a few weeks ago by two friends, Passant Alaa and Donia Hussein, who after studying Pharmacy decided to ditch the decidedly un-delicious practice and open a dessert shop instead. A much better use of their time and talent, we think. For Ramadan, the two girls (Donia is the culinary whiz and Passant is the marketing gal) delved into creating some crazily delicious concoctions.

"We wanted to make Ramadan-ish sweet for this month because that's what everyone wants to eat, but the regular konafa and basbousa are everywhere, so we wanted to get creative!" Alaa says. And creative they got, with things like a pralines and cream konafa, whose taste we can only imagine is either equivalent or surpasses its ice cream counterpart.

However, outside of Ramadan, the girls' vision was that they wanted to create a cute store where people could come and kick back with some coffee and treats; a breakfast-style place. And the store is rather adorable, all mint green walls, birdcage chandeliers and those empty frames that scream bohemian. "I wanted to create a place that, besides having amazing sweets, visually also looked really pretty," Alaa tells us. "I wanted it to be really Instagrammable! We even have a special selfie mirror!"

And once Ramadan is over (or even before if you get sick of the typical sweets) Pavlova has a smorgasbord of other cool desserts, with some of the most inventive donuts in the city. "We literally have donuts that no one else has," Alaa says. They've got a Nutella-filled donut, people. And a Toblerone donut. What more do we need to say?

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @pavlovashop.