Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Destination Glamping: Camping for People Who Wear Deodorant

Always wanted to go camping but don't really want to go camping? Here, now you can go glamping.

Staff Writer

Destination Glamping: Camping for People Who Wear Deodorant

We’ve always wanted to go camping, but given the choice between ‘holding it’ and going on a pilgrimage to the crapper, we opt for a comfortable stay at a five-star hotel every time. See, we are not hippies; we don’t just go anywhere, we don’t dig holes, and we certainly wouldn’t give up our modern conveniences for anything - not even to smoke premium illegal substances on Dahab’s pristine beaches! But, what if we told you camping just got glamorous? It’s true, and you don’t even have to be rich! Well, you still have to have a job or something - it ain’t free.

Pack your bags, boys and girls, O.tee.gee and friends are taking us glamping (a.k.a. glamorous camping)! That’s right, from April 14th to May 15th, Abu Galoum, Dahab will be transformed into a glamorous commune where campers get to stay in five-star huts and tents, and have a say in the matter of their own food!So, what are you waiting for? Get your tree-hugging on and get in touch with Mother Nature in the least life-threatening inconvenient way! Find out more here.