Friday March 31st, 2023
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Dive Deep Into Holistic Healing With Soulfull Wellness Festival

Taking place from June 23rd to June 25th at Sahel’s Almaza Bay, the festival is an all-inclusive escape into the land of conscientious healing.

Farida El Shafie

Seeking refuge from the capitalistic and consumption-based healing methods, founders Madonna Gayed and Dina El Mofty are channeling their desire to redefine mindfulness with ‘SoulFull’, a homegrown festival all about wellness. Taking place from June 23rd to June 25th at Sahel’s Almaza Bay, the festival is an all-inclusive escape into the land of conscientious healing.

Reigning in instructors, food vendors and renowned experts, Soulfull provides a gateway outside of the hustle and bustle alongside a take-home toolkit to elevate your quality of life.

“​​The idea first came to mind over three years ago, after personally going through some health issues, and I found myself searching for an alternative route to healing my body without the use of medication,” Gayed tells #CairoScene. “I also came to realize that healing my physical body wasn’t enough, I had to work on my mental and emotional wellbeing as well. That’s when I realized there is a holistic view toward health and wellness in general.”

With nothing but deep introspection and research on their hands, Gayed and El Mofty embarked on a long journey of personal re-discovery. They dedicated themselves to researching the global nutrition and wellness scene, reaching out to experts and fully succumbing to these methods themselves before ever taking it to the public.

“It really helped me both personally and professionally in growing a business and building a team and being able to overcome challenges,” El Mofty says. “It fully energizes you and enables you to better engage with all aspects of life. You become a better leader, because when you invest in yourself first you are able to give others so much more.”  

Separated into three distinct categories - Mind, Body, and Soul - the festival will feature hands-on workshops, talks and workouts led by renowned coaches, yogis, practitioners and healers. The first category, Mind, is a series of talks by mental and physical health enthusiasts and experts, including six talks and a panel discussion. The talks will range from a discussion on healing through fasting to another on addiction, and everything in between. Speakers include Nader Montasser, Nour Kader, Najla Moussa, Lena Weissenborn, Walid Abuoulnaga, and Hassan Khalifa. Workouts will be led by top instructors including Amina Naguib, Mohamed Abbas, Wael Sherif, Blkstar ‘Wael Suliman’, Deana Shaaban, Hassan Khalifa, Iman El Sherbiny, Solinne El Aasser, Asma Al Husseini, and Ahdab Badr. Soul exploring workshops will be led by Zorana Berbatovic, Marcus Blacker, Dr Hend Wanas, Walid Aboulnaga, and Ahdas Badr.

Tickets are available through @soulfull_festival.