Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Divine Coconut: 1001 Delicious Reasons To Live Healthy

Local brand Divine Coconut's cold-pressed heat-free oil can basically replace almost every ingredient in your kitchen and product in your bathroom cabinet – almost.

Staff Writer

Divine Coconut: 1001 Delicious Reasons To Live Healthy

Sure, your brother has at least once made fun of the cucumber slices on your eyes, the weird-smelling and rather terrifying egg and avocado mask on your face, or that sugar and honey scrub you always keep by the bathtub. For us girls, it never comes easy. Caring for the texture of our skin and lips, keeping our faces moisturised, and our hair healthy and attractive doesn’t really happen overnight. To quote Ugly Betty’s sister, Hilda Suarez, after being busted wearing a face mask by a male friend: “What?! You think gorgeous just happens?!”

No, it doesn’t.

But instead of covering our faces with all kinds of toxic chemicals used in the day and night creams, facial scrubs, chapstick, and makeup removers we use on a daily basis, along with all kinds of crazy (and often times truly unnecessary) diets that we force ourselves into, it's bound to do more harm than good – at least in the long run.

That's why we’re always appreciative of the people who provide us with healthier alternatives, which sometimes happen to smell absolutely delicious. Divine Coconut is one of those products, which uses only organic virgin coconut oil. Now if you don't know, coconut oil can be used for practically anything; hair treatment, moisturisation, anti-aging, as a cleaning and soothing facial cream, and of course as a healthy superfood in diets – especially for those of us who love bathing suits but also have an unconditional love affair with food. 

Chatting with Moushera Maaraba, the founder of Divine Coconut, she tells us that the idea started when a family member was constantly feeling sick and she had hoped to boost their immunity system without resorting to medicine. “It all started four and a half years ago when I wanted to find a solution to this problem that would also be considered healthy eating. Coconut oil, as you know, has antiviral and anti-fungal properties, and with 80 percent of our immunity happening in our intestines, this superfood will work wonders in killing external illnesses.” 

Maaraba explains that coconut oil was practically unknown four years ago, where the closest thing you could find was a yellowish and bad quality extract at herbal shops. “I made sure that our product is of excellent quality, where you could see results in a few weeks. This, along with healthy eating, makes a world of a difference,” she says.
The product was the brainchild of Maaraba who, with a lot of experience in marketing and advertising, thought to herself, “Why not make my own product?” The product is now recommended by many Egyptian doctors, nutritionists, and health coaches.

“We have exported Divine Coconut to many healthy food shops and supermarkets, but we really would like it to go beyond that,” Maaraba says. "My main focus is to raise awareness about the wondrous uses of this 100 percent organic product.” Other than skin and hair care, the product can be used to treat baby diaper rashes, minimise ageing effects, cook rice, make ice cream, and even as an alternative to toothpaste and treating eczema.

Next time you’re passing by a pharmacy and thinking of going inside to grab a toxin-laden face wash, makeup remover, or cream, you definitely know what to get instead. If not, then the little 'from mommy with love' heart on the jar will do the trick.

For more about the product, you can check out their Facebook page.