Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Do You Have It In You To Be The Biggest Loser With Reebok And CrossFit Stars?

Are you ready to compete for the title of ‘The Biggest Loser’? Don’t worry, Reebok and CrossFit Stars will set you up with a full nutritional plan and workout to make you a big loser – of fat and negative emotion.

Staff Writer

CrossFit Stars has teamed up with Reebok for the third edition of their Fitness Ambassador program - an extensive training program with serious perks. Besides losing weight and feeling better, prizes are up for grabs including a brand new fitness kit and cold hard cash.

Over the span of six weeks, participants will be transformed from their less-than-ideal physiques to ambassadors of all things buff. With CrossFit Stars and Reebok’s guidance, these guys and gals will train to destroy unhealthy habits and built confidence in their body image. CrossFit Stars will devise a seven-day nutrition plan, customised for each participant for maximum effectiveness. That means no more cheeseburger pizza nachos at 4 AM after a night of partying - unless you can somehow convince the nutritionist that you need a steady intake of 3,000 calories’ worth of meat and cheese to fuel your transformation from flab to fab. Good luck with that, though. 

In this third iteration of Egypt’s most dynamic health and strength training camp, there will be two winners. The person who makes the biggest visible change will receive a trophy and 2,000 EGP in Reebok vouchers - and they don’t mean makeovers or wardrobe overhauls. The person who loses the most weight – no, that’s not the same as the biggest visible change - will then be christened ‘The Biggest Loser’ with a spiffy trophy and 4,000 EGP in Reebok vouchers and 5,000 EGP cash money.

Registering is easier than heading out to the gym but giving up halfway and going to Hardee’s instead. Stop by CrossFit Stars’ customer service office, fill out the paperwork, pay half the fees, and do an in-house body exam. Once you’re all checked out, you’ll get your nutritional plan before the program kicks off. This will give you a little time to say a tearful goodbye to the ice cream in your freezer and tear up the horde of take-out menus that will be tempting you during the program. They’ll get you added to the Facebook group for when you have a question, some tips, or are just feeling lonely. At the first workout, you’ll get a full briefing and they’ll snap some ‘before’ pictures so you can show everyone how impressive you are. 

Start stretching and get ready to feel and look great with the help of CrossFit Stars and Reebok. Good luck, Fitness Ambassadors!

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