Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Don't Get Trampled in a Cairo Mall this Black Friday

Shop like a pro on Black Friday and get the best deals with the least stress on Lynks Mobile App!

Staff Writer

I feel like there’s a Black Friday reality that shoppers need to know before embarking on their shopping voyage. I hate to break it to you, but a lot of the juicy deals in Egypt that entice consumers to binge-shop aren’t real. Stores tend to actually inflate their prices before Black Friday to make fake discounts.

Painful Black Friday reality #2: firmly established as the busiest shopping time of the year, you’ll have to deal with frenzied crowds, traffic, hostile behavior; and there’s no way to get around it.

Painful Black Friday reality #1 and #2 combined: Do you really want to be that person pushing in the queue, thinking you’re saving money on that t-shirt, when you might not be saving anything at all? Exactly, me neither!

Let me cut the chase: Just don’t go shopping in retail stores on Black Friday. It's simpler than that. For the sake of my sanity I shop online, that's the only way you'll catch me browsing through online sales. Shopping online negates the need to fight Black Friday crowds and besides, you can be a deal hunter and a time saver - two birds, one stone. The experience is stress-free, easy as a finger touch, guaranteed and your purchases will also be more deliberate and less impulsive.

If you'll spend your night refreshing pages, you might as well shop in the US because honestly, this is where the real deals are and thanks to you can land stellar deals. With Lynks you can have access to thousands of REAL deals from the US, while comfortably sitting on your couch at home. The service simply brings US stores and offers to your home, as if you were actually there.

Hang on, better news is to come - lynks offers 100% off customs on all orders -NO LIMITS. Your order is also insured against loss and damage and you can track your order from the store all the way to your doorstep on the website. Note that Black Friday isn’t a day, it’s an entire week. Lynks also offers several payment methods (Online Credit Card, Fawry, Wallet, Office, SAME DAY Runner, Bank Deposit) and your order is guaranteed to also arrive quickly.

Since we’ve established that shopping online in the US lands you the best deals, but if you shop online directly from the store, you will be faced with surprising customs fees on delivery and you might have no guarantee for any product that is damaged or lost. Some online stores don’t ship to Egypt and some not accept Egyptian online cards. Shipping issues, such as delays or lost or mismatch may also be another problem, that you will never face with Lynks.

The best part: Lynks is now launching a mobile App (offering exclusive offers) to insure your shopping experience is as easy and enjoyable as possible. You can find all the online stores available on the Mobile App and you can add items from any of them to your cart with only a single click. It’s available for android and will soon be available for IOS. 

In honor of the approaching holiday season — and the massive amount of shopping you’re likely about to do; download the App & Get 100 EGP Gift added to your wallet immediately.

Check out all the amazing offers here, or head to Lynk's Facebook page here and Instagram page here

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