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Dubai's Miracle Garden

If Mother Nature and the Mad Hatter had a baby who moved to Dubai to make more money... this would be it.

A week doesn't go by without news that Dubai is trying to make the biggest or best of something. This time the pop-up nation is tackling agriculture. Check out the Miracle Garden...

If the Mad Hatter shacked up with Mother Nature this is probably what their patio would look like. The incredible landscaped space located in Dubailand near the Arabian Ranche opened up last year and has just completed it's phase one of construction. It's the worlds biggest natural flower garden and an antithesis of the city's famous skyscrapers and concrete architecture.

It contains over 45 million flowers over a 72,000 sq metre site and, as well as traditional flowerbeds, it features topiary-style displays with blooms fashioned into the shapes of hearts, stars, igloos, pyramids and so on. Intended as a tourist attraction which should attract one million visitors a year once fully established, the site was developed by the landscaping company Akar. When asked as to the reasoning behind this absurd attraction a spokesperson said "because we can..." probably.