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Dubai's Police Force Dream Cars

You'd think you were looking at the latest line-up on the new Need For Speed games - but no, these are the new cars in Dubai's latest police force fleet.

When one thinks of Dubai, immediately words like extravagance, luxury, and opulence come to mind. Proving that Dubai loves to overdo just about everything and anything, in comes news of their latest fleet of police cars priced at $6.5 million USD.

The sticker shock is not without its perks, as the fleet includes the world's fastest police car – Bugatti Veyron 16.4, capable of achieving speeds up to 267 mph. The deal doesn't just include this car, but is accompanied with a variety of almost equally awesome vehicles that range in elegance and speed.

Here is what $6.5 million USD was able to buy for its police force.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 

Brabus B63S Widestar G-Wagen

Aston Martin One-77

McLaren 12C

Lamborghini Aventador
Audi R8
Ferrari FF
Bentley Continental
Nissan GT-R
Ford Mustang
Dubai often likes to boast that it has one of the most progressive police forces that has been properly trained in law enforcement, and claims that women make up over half their police force. One could argue that a police force doesn't need to be equipped with the most expensive sport cars, but then again Dubai is filled with filthy rich Arabs who often purchase a fleet of fast cars that could easily help them escape capture. Perhaps this new fleet will be the deterrent that Dubai needs to keep its richest citizens from acting a fool.