Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Dune Raider Takes Adventure to New Spiritual Levels With Rou7 Festival

Adventurers, soul-searchers, travellers, and all-around adrenaline junkies, Dune Raider are all about opening you up to new experiences and showing Egypt in a fresh light. Their latest endeavour is a three-day festival in Fayoum that will include yoga, music, and more. Find out how to WIN tickets!

Staff Writer

Dune Raider Takes Adventure to New Spiritual Levels With Rou7 Festival

What is life without adventure? Nothing. It would be a seamless zombie-like existence. Adventure doesn’t necessarily mean jumping off of cliffs. Adventure is more about opening yourself up for the new and unknown. It can be found in anything from peaceful meditation to pursuing a variety of hobbies to taking unexpected trips to unexpected places to trying out new activities.

It all started out with one young man seeking an adventure: Kareem Hossam. He called in one of the world’s most famous sand boarders, Matt Warten, to fly to Egypt just to teach him this new hobby he had taken up. Soon things started expanding from Hossam making his own sand boards to starting a Facebook group for the activity, to competing internationally and coming in second at Drag Race in the US and going on to becoming a certified instructor and judge.

After that, sand boarding became all the rage in Egypt with people starting up enterprises left and right. However Hossam remains the pioneer who got the government to recognise it as a sport, and is now the representative of the Sand Boarding Union of Egypt.

And that was how Dune Raider was born. But since that initial sand boarding spark, the entity has expanded to encompass adventure in its entirety, focusing on running trips and events which unravel the inner adventurer in you, working as a vessel to pair adrenaline-seeking citizens with activities and travels that include everything from rock climbing to camping trips.

Like all great things, Dune Raider grew to incorporate its current three adventurous partners, Kareem Hossam, Khaled Senosi, and Mohamed Fadly. Although they all have engineering backgrounds and broke free into the world of adventure, they come from diverse backgrounds and interests which helps them manage Dune Raider like a tight ship. In fact, the whole team incorporates a diversity of cyclers, runners, hikers, divers and rock climbers, all of whom are certified and crazy for exploration and adventure, which after all, is the very core of the business.

Dune Raider operates all over Egypt and has a unique philosophy of serving values and culture. For example, they meet locals all the time along their adventures, and so they decided to team up with them helping them make a profit as well, and encouraging people to be more involved in diverse communities.

All the events run by Dune Raider are Eco-based, and Eco-friendly in the true sense of the word as opposed to people who like to abuse that concept to attract clients. Their famous sand-boarding and adventure sports event Rush, was living testament to that.

Dune Raider’s mission is to bring to people that much-craved adrenaline rush. They organise team building events and corporate events for all kinds of businesses, as well as independent adventure events. Their latest collaboration was with the international student association AIESEC, where they took 15 different nationalities backpacking all over Egypt for 14 days for $400. AIESEC were so pleased that they booked Dune Raider for another trip in January to even more places. Their trip will start out in Cairo and take them from the capital to Fayoum, Bahareya, Farafra, Kharga, Luxor, Aswan, Nubia, then on to Marsa Alam and back up to Ras Sudr, to St Catherine, Dahab, and Ras Mohamed. Not only does the trip allow people to go everywhere in an intensive period, it also allows for genuine local interaction. Travellers who have had the Dune Raider experience have been blogging about their trips all over Egypt, shining a spotlight on the adventuring company as they take tourism to entirely new levels, and the aforementioned trip will be offered to Egyptians very soon, since many of us have rarely been anywhere beyond the hot spots and mainstream places.

Dune Raider's upcoming endeavour is a brand new concept taking adventure to a spiritual level. They are organising Rou7 Festival in cooperation with Zuwad, the brains behind the idea, and it will take place 3 times a year in different parts of Egypt. The first one which will be filled with yogis , spiritual healing and several bands for traditional Sufi music from all over Egypt will take place at the Zwara Ecolodge in Fayoum over 3 days from 29 to 31 October. They will be providing lots of handicraft courses including pottery, in collaboration with locals in Fayoum, along with balcony-gardening classes, yoga and meditation sessions. Amongst the serenity of the desert we can only imagine how intense and amazing this festival is going to be.

You can call them on 01285452447 and reserve your spot. But we here at CairoScene are also offering you a chance to win a ticket for two to the festival if you post a picture of what puts you in serenity on Instagram saying why and using the hashtag #rou7rou7 (pun intended), as well as tagging @duneraideregypt, and @Cairoscene.

For more information check out their Facebook page, and follow them on Instagram @duneraideregypt

You can also check out their website