Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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El Scene on #LumiaCapeTown

The boys venture all the way to the tip of the continent with Microsoft Lumia, filming every ridiculous thing they did with the brand new Nokia Lumia 930...

Staff Writer

The boys from EL SCENE, Timmy and Wally were invited to Cape Town, South Africa by Microsoft to test out their new Nokia Lumia 930 smartphone. Despite not complying to their rider including an emu chauffeur, a constant supply of DeMorgenzon Reserve Chardonnay 2013, and an audience with Charlize Theron they agreed to the trip, and a once in a life time adventure. They were swept literally off their feet visiting the stunning sites of Cape Town by air, land and sea and filmed it all on the Lumia 930. With its unprecedented 20 megapixel camera, complete Carl Zeiss optics and image stabilisation it actually make their ludicrous behaviour look quite... beautiful. Check out the #LumiaCapeTown montage below...

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