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Egypt’s Next Top Model?

Don't get too excited. Tyra isn't going to be there.

The girls are back in town... Well not back in Cairo, of course, but in the fabulous Egyptian oasis on the Red Sea. The dream town where you can stroll the promenade and casually pop into restaurants to grab burgers garnished with gold is the latest residence of some of the hottest models from around the world. It is a place where morning beers are not only available but encouraged and the preferred method of transportation is via yacht. We’re talking about a little place called El Gouna. When you make the trip to see the 20th annual Top Model of the World contest (Yes, that’s a thing. No, it hasn’t got anything to do with Tyra), you are going to have to satisfy three basic needs. 

1. Shelter. By far the best hotel for your Egyptian pound is The Captain's Inn. Located in smack-dead in the middle of the Marina, this unique inn will be where you tell all of your friends to meet up before going out to the Loca Loca. It has the best views, a deliciously satisfying breakfast in the morning, and a fantastic dinner that will fill you up before a drunken night on the town. FYI, the Captain's Suite has a sick balcony which facilitates some pretty rocking pre-gamers and after parties.

2. Food. We believe that the best diet in El Gouna consists of three things: seafood, meat, and beer. To blend in with the Top Model contestants, you’ll have to look chic while you eat. Head down to Mori Sushi for the world’s most sophisticated cuisine and mingle with the fash-pack that are bound to be loitering wherever food is served raw. When your carnivore instincts take over, head over to Bob's Hot Dogs stand for some grilled dogs with ever so many choices of toppings. The third staple beer can be found just about anywhere, so we will leave you to your own devices. 

3. Grooming. It goes without saying that with so many hot ladies walking around, the women visitors are going to face some stiff competition. Especially since all the hair and make up for the competition will be taken care of by the expert team from Mohamed Al Sagheer. They won’t do your hair and make up though, because you’re nobody. So you better come prepared. Mohamed Al Sagheer himself will be on the panel of judges so ain’t nobody got time for you and your knotty hair. Get it together.

If you can't make it to the big show on March 29th, don't despair. The Captain's Inn, @BobsHotDogsEGY@MoriSushiEgypt, and @AlSagheerSalons will all be live tweeting to keep you up-to-date on the model behavior that will be taking Gouna by storm.