Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Egypt's American Football Teams

The Egyptian League of American Football is here and making its presence known. We find out more about the advent of the sport in Cairo and the four teams charging forward...

Staff Writer

Egypt's American Football Teams

Ready for a thrilling game of football? For once, we don't mean soccer - we mean American Football, as we've just found out about the Egyptian League of American Football (ELAF) that just saw the GUC Eagles take on the Cairo Sharks at the Pharaohs Bowl last week. The game that took place at the German University officially marks the beginning of American Football in Egypt as ELAF offers Egyptians the chance to play 11-man, full-contact football in Egypt, and will have a number of open try-outs, training sessions and skills camps so anyone can get involved.

The thrilling game was a close one with the Cairo Sharks narrowly beating the GUC Eagles 16 – 12. Attending the game was Mr. Mishaal T. Fahad Al-Sabah, the Vice Chair of IFAF Asia, and Kuwait Gridiron’s Director of International Affairs President, who announced that the ELAF has officially submitted their membership application, which will likely be accepted.

The league was founded in 2013, and currently has 4 different teams. Egyptians will now have a difficult time deciding whether they are Sharks, Eagles, Mustangs, or Hawks fans. Find out more about each team below:

Sharks:- Twitter:@CairoSharks
Eagles:- Twitter:@guceagles
Hawks :-