Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Egypt Frapes Chelsea

A barrage of comments have flooded Chelsea FC's official Facebook page as Egyptian celebrate their signing of Mohamed Salah. We round up the best and funniest posts we've seen...

Staff Writer

Last week, winger Mohamed Salah became the first Egyptian to join one of the Premier League's 'top four' teams from FC Basel and all of a sudden Chelsea gained about 80 million new die hard fans. For those people, Chelsea didn't even exist as a team before the transfer. Chelsea now owe their very existance to Salah and Egyptians and these fans definitely let them know. Since the news broke, Chelsea's fanpage has been barraged with countless posts from Egyptians ranging from sexual assault to authentic food recipes. Here are the top 22 posts by Egyptians on the Chelsea fanpage...

If you don’t let Salah play were gonna rape you and hack your page; fair warning.
If Salah doesn’t play we're gonna take Mourinho behind the factory of chairs.
Who’s Momo? Why don’t you man up and stop being a sissy.
Salah, Don’t be friends with Jon Terry, ask Bridge...
He has to be fed well - don't give him small portions.
Ali where are you? Its me, I was with you in 2nd grade, I know it was you, I wanted to say I miss you and I know I haven’t been at my best.
Whomever wants to say congrats to Salah click “Like”
This is the time to conquer something that belongs to the English like they used to do us, those pricks .
I'm warning you Mourinho, if Salah doesn’t play there’s gonna be remote controlled explosives and car bombings and you're better than that.
Guys, if anyone forgot something on Basel’s page go get it quickly, we're gonna set up camp here.
Egyptians please, that’s enough you should be ashamed of yourselves. You’re bringing shame on us and they're gonna think we're ignorant and savages. We’re here to support the Son of Egypt with respect.
Bas ya roh omak.
This is Salah’s era, you sons of bitches.
Salah eats fool like us... If he doesn't become a main player we’re going to blow the club up, I’m warning you Sisi.
Special offer, learn Arabic for the tempting price of 20 LE for our foreign brothers, call us on our hot line: 346778654
Koshary recipe for Abo Salah
You must feed him the best food, and have him wear the best clothes, hook him up and make him a main player, you sons of bitches.
Take care of Salah’s food so we won’t hurt you, here is how you make molokheya with rabbit...
We’re warning you Mourinho, if Salah is not in the starting line up, we’re going to blow up London.
Captain Mourinho, if Salah becomes a substitute we’re going to make Sisi drag you from your neck.
Hey Salah, go to Mourniho in the first training session and give him a 5 pound note and he'll make you a main player... I know these people.
We're warning you Mourinho, we're going to blow up London!