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Egypt Hosts ‘KO Pro 2021’ Bodybuilding Tournament

‘Mr. Olympia’ qualifying championship tournament, ‘KO PRO 2021’ lands in Egypt on August 17th 2021.

Exciting news for all resident muscle-men-and-women fanatics - the tournament championing peak human physical capacity, ‘KO Pro’ has chosen Egypt as its first African host nation for its 2021 edition. 

In coordination with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Islam Kortam, President of the Egyptian Federation for Street Workout & Calisthenics (ESWCF), secured Egypt’s hosting rights to the renowned bodybuilding tournament. Contestants compete in three categories - physique, classic physique, and bodybuilding – as part of the qualification process for the prestigious ‘Mr. Olympia’ competition. With Egypt being the first nation in Africa to host the long-awaited three-day event, it’s another win when it comes to positioning Egypt as a regional hosting-hub for sporting events. 

The ‘KO Pro 2021’ tournament will take place from August 17th to 21st at the Cairo Show Theater at Movenpick Hotel & Casino Cairo-Media City.