Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Egypt Set for Bargain Bango?

Egypt could be set for a flood of cut-price hashish and weed thanks to strict Israeli border checks.

Staff Writer

Egypt could be set for a bargain basement hashish revolution thanks to super-tight checks along the Israeli border. Israel's new wall of steel around the Taba border has delievered a severe blow to drug smugglers forcing hashish smugglers to sell their wares at home. The Israeli government accelerated the fortification of the border with a five-metre-high fence, state-of-the art surveillance and special military forces since 2011.

Experts claim that the increase in supply could send the price of good quality hashish plummeting across the country.

A senior Israeli military source said: "We've hit smuggling hard. Just last week we caught almost 100 kilos of hashish. That's millions of shekels. They (the smugglers) know the terrain as well as we do. They collect intelligence on us and observe our movements. They do all that well, but we wait for them at the right spots and we catch them."

Market insiders claim that the oversupply could see a drop of up to 50% thanks to saturation. The news comes amid claims that the country is seeing an decrease in hash production from Lebanon thanks to ongoing violence within the troubled state.

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