Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Egypt for Adrenaline Junkies

Bored of the same old bars, clubs and cafés? Here's a list of where and how to get some thrills with extreme sports, right here in Egypt.

Staff Writer

Living in Egypt can sometimes feel like purgatory; so many live between their dull day jobs and even duller nightlife events, filled with the same people and same music. Where's the rush? Where's the excitement? Where do we get that sense of still being alive?! Well, Egypt is actually blessed with loads of activities to inject thrill and fun into our lives. We've rounded up a definitive list of Egypt's best adrenaline inducing activities and where you can do them to make sure no weekend will be the same:

P.S. Don't judge an activity by its typically outdated website!
Fly a Plane!
No you don't need spend your life savings and go through countless hours of training to fly a plane. Every Friday, The Egyptian Aero Sport Institute in 6th October will allow you to fly your own glider plane for up to 30 minutes (depending on weather) at a cost of just 75 LE, or 150 LE for a motorglider. If you really dig it you can purchase an annual membership to fly whenever you want for 2,400 LE. You can just head straight to 6th October Airport and flights are on a first come first serve basis. More information on click on their website here.
With gunshots now ingrained in our collective consciousness, there's a little sadist in all of us who want to give it a go and why not make it look like a priceless Jason Pollock whilst we're at it? Adrenalin Paintball, also in 6th October, is the largest and number one paintball park in North Africa and the Middle East. As well as state of the art equipment, they have different themed fields including an Armageddon one, a castle one and a village one based on Upper Egypt. You can play different mission-based games like capture the flag or just shoot the shit out of someone you don't like. Prices range from 150LE to 270LE depending on the kind of equipment and how many paint balls you want. You can reserve by contacting 0111 0014 177 or for more info check out their fanpage here.
Rock Climbing!
Climb Sinai is located in Dahab in the South of Sinai and offers up safe, fun and exciting intro climbs with climbing day trips and overnight ones too. Day trips will cost you 60 Euros if you're by yourself or 35 Euros if you're part of a group and includes transportation and an authentic Bedouin lunch. Contact +20165581488 or visit their website here.
Go Karting!

One of the best Go Kart tracks in the world resides in Egypt's backyard of Sharm El Sheikh. Ghibli Raceway, despite hosting numerous professional championships, is open to the public for some fast-paced fun where you can arrange a mini competition between you and your friends to see who comes first or just get high and cruise around the track in one of their state-of-the-art karts. 15 minutes on the track will cost you 335 LE with their 'Arrive and Drive' package. Contact +2-069-360-3939 or visit their website here.

With the Winter Olympics currently underway, it's easy to feel a sense of longing to be on those slopes with a board under your feet and the wind in your face. Luckily, what we lack in snow we more than make up for in sand. Arena Sandboarding organises one day camping trips into Egypt's dunes where you can sandboard all day surrounded by beauty and peace until the stars come up Contact 0122 9444 362 or visit their fanpage here.
This one's wicked because you get the thrill of speeding around the desert dunes in these safe but fast four-wheelers, while also feasting your eyes on some ancient culture. Sakkara Country Club hosts Quadbiking tours around the area where some of Egypt's oldest pyramids reside for 175 LE an hour. Contact 02 33810060 or visit their website here.
Hot Air Ballooning!
Drift peacefully over the west Bank of Luxor, where you can see most of the monuments of Thebes all from the ridiculous invention of an over-sized balloon. Contact Sindbad Balloons on 01003307708 or visit their website here.
Mountain Biking!
Although there is no specific entity organisng trips, Wadi Degla on the fringes of Cairo, near Maadi, is a brilliant location for mountain bike enthusiasts. The area has a massive trail network that makes for a wide spectrum of excellent riding opportunities. From beginner-friendly, wide and forgiving jeep trails, to a rolling serpentine single track heaven on the valley's southern and northern shoulders, there's something for every level.
Kitesurfing is slowly becoming one of Egypt's most loved past times with beach bums everywhere escaping the hustle and bustle of the city for waves, wind and tranquility. Matarma Bay in Ras Sudr is THE go-to spot to catch some waves, and Kiteology is your one-stop-shop for everything and anything to do with the latest sport to take over Egypt.
Running about the street and jumping on things seems like more of a Jackass sketch than an extreme sport but not the way these guys do it. The French export is a form of free running where you use the environment around you to curate an athletic art with your body demands speed, strength, balance, focus and, above all, flow-full movement. Parkour Egypt give fun lessons all over Egypt at different locations and times. Contact 01222 568 312  or check out their fanpage here.