Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Egypt in GIFs

Because words aren't enough.

Staff Writer

Trying to explain Egyptians to foreigners can be almost impossible to do with words. They say a picture can say a thousands words, but we argue that GIF can say a million. So without further ado, here is Egypt explained through our favourite medium.

Egyptian Sexual Harassment

Egyptian Irrationality
Needless to say, we never know what we want. 
Egyptian Religiousness
Egyptian Football Woes
That moment we realise we aren't making the World Cup yet again.
Egyptian Revolutionaries
The path our revolution took.
Egyptians' Love of Antiquities
Egyptian Innovators
The moment we cured AIDS
Egyptian Classicism
No minimum wage means no dignity.
Egyptian Tactless Leaders
Just one of the many reasons he no longer legitimately runs Egypt.
Egypt's Strong Man-tality
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