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Egyptian Architect Ahmed Gabr Wins Arabian African Property Awards

One of the world’s most prestigious design awards just went to Egyptian architect Ahmed Gabr.

Egyptians have excelled in several industries over the years. We have seen an upsurge in local designers reaching international prominence. From fashion to interiors our countrymen - and women - are starting to attract eyes from all over the world.Ahmed Gabr is the founder of GAF Design Studios who just won one of the world’s most prominent design accolades, The Arabian African Property Awards. The architectural engineer first started in 2012, with a fresh take on interiors where, unlike most designers in the field, Gabr works from the ground up - literally.“As an architect, I pay attention to floor layout functionality to achieve a great liveable design,” Gabr explains. “Because picking stunning accent pieces - like tables and couches - without having a functional space turns into clutter that generally serves no purpose at all.”Gabr has an eye for aspects lost on other interior designers. He insists that architects have a different way. He uses big scale masses, rarely used materials and colours, matched with different lighting techniques that help evoke unique designs.The Arabian African Property Awards’ panel of judges is chaired by 70 individual luminaries of the design world, industry leaders from all over the globe - most notably members of the House of Lords in the UK Parliament the Lord Caithness, Lord Best, The Earl of Liverpool, and Lord Thurso. Out of the multitude of submissions from all over the world, the panel picked Gabr, making him the youngest person to ever win the Interior Design Private Residence award.
The design studio he founded, GAF Design Studios has been on the road to become one of the country's leading design houses. With this award now under Gabr's belt it looks like regional prominence has been achieved, with accordance to his new found international recognition.

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