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Egyptian Brand J.' Editions is Making Old School Cool Again

The local stationary brand is making it "in" again to put pen to paper and adding some style to it too.

In today's ultra-digitised world, few things feel as satisfying as putting pen to paper. Writing in a notebook brings a certain intimacy that few things can – writing down your thoughts, ideas, or plans for world-domination just isn’t the same on a screen. But just because a notebook may be old-school, there’s no reason for it to look like your grandma's. This is where the talented Jessie Abdallah's and her homegrown brand J.' comes in.

Having an affinity for stationery from a young age, Abdallah started her brand J.' to reintroducing paper (that stuff that comes from trees our parents used to write on) into our culture, but with a creative twist. Each of J’s diaries and planners comes with an intricate design inspired by the beauty of everyday things around us. Now although the designs are mainly created digitally, Jessie’s involvement is hands-on, guiding her designs through the entire process.

J’s current collection gets its inspiration from crystals and stones. And while you may not be able to customise your own design, J does offer a wide variety of unique collections to choose from, with plans to expand their line to a lot more than notebooks.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special – American Mother's Day is coming up in case you were a crappy kid and missed the Egyptian one –  or just want to treat yourself, J notebooks are currently available at Pop Up Shop, Mounaya Gallery, Urban Station, Maison69, Dima Jewelry and Amina K. They can also be ordered through The Giftery.

Check out more of J’s designs on Instagram.