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This is the Egyptian Candle Brand You Need to Keep Your Home Cosy All Winter

There is nothing better than your favourite scent welcoming you in from the cold after a long day at work.

Christmas spirit is already in the air, and as Cairo temperatures begin to drop, we love curling up in our armchairs early, beneath our fuzzy blankets, sipping hot chocolate - or sa7lab, let's be realistic here - and binge watching literally anything on Netflix. Maison Marie candles are tailored to fit this exact mood. Each candle from the recently launched local brand is individually hand crafted, and with its flickering soft glow it adds a welcoming touch to your home. We can’t think of a better gift to a loved one than a candle placed inside a beautiful glass jar. “These candle centerpieces are the dreamiest way to decorate your table, and they also make beautiful gifts,” explains Marie-France Lakah, founder of Maison Marie.

Lakah explains that she saw a gap in the market, which she decided to fill - with soft flickering candlelight and and dreamy soothing scents. “With the dollar situation, not everyone can afford to buy a candle for 700 or 800 EGP from imported brands like Zara Home, and I couldn’t find a local Egyptian brand that offers luxury candles - they all produce arabesque style candles, which are very different,” she says.


Maison Marie candles wrap our senses with their fragrances; green apple, lavender, and vanilla and cinnamon are scents on which both sexes can easily agree on. A fact to not be ignored: scented candles aren’t just for girls. We saw how Chandler followed bubble bath decorum; lightening a shit ton of candles only because “it’s so hard to care when you’re so relaxed.” Guys may deny it, but DAMMIT WE ALL KNOW THAT CANDLES ARE WONDROUS AND MAGICAL. Also, you can always pretend you're buying them for your girlfriend.

Candles sooth our frayed nerves, fill us with those warm fuzzy winter feels - and always make you feel like you just came out of a tumblr post. 

To check out Maison Marie's Facebook page click here, and to check out their Instagram page click here.