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Egyptian Fashion Giant Baraka Group Lands in the GCC

The trailblazing brand has just opened two new trendy concept stores in Saudi Arabia and UAE, and is setting off to conquer the Gulf market with the opening of 90 high-end stores.

We’ve seen them grow steadily for 28 years; we’ve seen them push the fashionable eyewear industry forward with 70 stores across Egypt, and break the walls of traditional enterprises when they led Egypt’s first Bassita clickfunding campaign. Now, as Baraka Group gears up to stretch beyond national borders, Egypt’s trademark eyewear haven lands in the GCC.

Having just launched two new luxury eyewear concept stores titled Eye Shop in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and in Sharjah, UAE, the group is already gearing up for its third store in the region. In a joint venture with Apparel Group – a retail giant operating 1,200 stores across eight countries, with brands such as Tim Hortons, Tommy Hilfiger, Botega Verde, Levi's, and Toms - these two trendy branches set off to blaze a stylish trail throughout the Middle East. The newly-born brand will take over the GCC, with the opening of 90 optical retail stores across six markets, to offer their range of high-scale fashion and designer sunglasses, including Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as their own original designs.

Find out more on the exclusive launch on their website.