Tuesday November 28th, 2023
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This Egyptian Fitness Guru Just Launched A Personal Training Service Tailored to Each Body Type

YS Fitness offers personal customised nutrition and exercise regimens on the go, so you can't pretend to be too busy binge-eating your feelings to work out.

Staff Writer

The world is full of very sick individuals who make questionable decisions like passing on lasagna and tiramisu for Kate Moss’ crackwhore figure. You’ll never find them on a dance floor or wake up next to them the morning after a night of heavy drinking, because they’re probably speaking at some clean eating convention support group-type thing or preaching at the Church of Quinoa.

Yusef El Serafy is living proof that one doesn’t have to live like the Amish to look good naked. His philosophy is quite simple, you work out to live and not the other way around. If your healthy lifestyle is a jealous mistress, you show her the door and replace her with Serafy on speed dial!  
Yusef El Serafy, founder of YS Fitness, just reminded us that this is the 21st century and we don't have to choose between having a six pack and making a six figure salary. El Serafy just announced the launch of his virtual personal training program, all you need is an internet connection and you're good to go. Wherever you are, be it the gym, your bedroom, or even your Belize vacation rental! "I wasn't always a fitness trainer, I led a busy life as a field engineer. At some point, with that typically hectic daily routine, I started to look for new ways to adapt my exercise and nutrition regimen to any environment, and I witnessed a lot of personal achievements after implementing those changes to my life," El Serafy told us. "I started getting personal training offers and that's how YS Fitness came into existence."El Serafy will basically be your on-the-go fitness, nutrition, and health consultant, reachable around the clock through email or Whatsapp. "What I do is customise nutrition and personal training routines based on each individual's needs and environment. I'm also always on call in case there's any change in the environment that needs temporary alterations to the personalised routine, like in case someone is on vacation, for instance," El Serafy explains. Not only can you reach him anywhere and at any time, and not only does he build an entire lifestyle around our needs, habits, and schedule, El Serafy's programmes are tailored to your body type. 

It is unclear whether El Serafy ever sleeps or gets any down time. He is rumoured to be a bio-engineered Avenger-type person, but we're not going to breathe life into hearsay by repeating it, because we're above all that. In fact, from now on, we shall allocate our time on the Internet to get fit and sexy rather than gossip. We shall become the subject of envious gossip!

Find out more about YS Fitness on Facebook here or follow Yusef on Instagram here.

Photography and Videography by @Mo4network's #MO4Productions.
Photographer: Hossam Atef.
Videographer: Mahmoud Gawish
Art Direction: Karim Alwi