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Egyptian Homonyms

Sometimes what you say, isn't really what you mean. We look into some Arabic words that can have completely different meanings.

Arabic is a very tough language for people to learn. What makes it even trickier is that often there are words in the Arabic lexicon that have double and even triple meanings. Depending on tone and placement, often an innocent word you know could turn into an unintended slur.

So without further ado, here is a list of Arabic homonyms:


  1. Something white

  2. An egg

  3. Ball


  1. Anatomical term for one's head

  2. Refers to the level of highness


  1. An english word that Egyptians use to describe a task one needs to do.

  2. It also refers to a hashish joint.


  1. A lioness

  2. An insult, similar to bitch, but with lions instead of dogs.


  1. Iron rods that are used in the foundation of buildings.

  2. One's middle finger


  1. The old fashion straight razors used in Egyptian barber shops

  2. Refers to someone who works hard at everything they do


  1. Something that is hard or solid

  2. Something really cool


  1. Our pocket

  2. We purchased

  3. Cheese

    “Gibna Gibna wa hatana fi Gibna” We purchased cheese and put it in our pocket.