Monday December 11th, 2023
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El 3eilah: Infusing Warmth Into Your Otherwise Dreadful Apartment

El 3eilah's interior décor pieces will make you want to quit your job and stay home forever.

Staff Writer

Home is where an introvert’s weary mind goes to rest on the weekend after their heart and soul have been crushed over the course of the workweek; but, all too often, this serenity is spoiled by the lack of interior aesthetic. Who wants to go home to drab décor and dull surroundings? Well, unless you're one of those people who likes to live in a place seemingly resemblant to the Addams' Family abode - in that case, all the power to you, we suppose. Most other people, though, like a little touch of je ne sais quoi in their homes - something that makes it personal to them, not just another set of four walls.We don’t want to speak too soon, but our findings so far indicate that El 3eilah’s home décor pieces can infuse your dreadful sardine-can apartment with warmth and authenticity. From brass shoe-shaped ashtrays - which are multipurpose in the sense that you can hurl them at people like your mama used to do - to silver figurines to colourful pottery, El 3eilah’s décor pieces stand out with their powerful artistry, and Arabesque and Egyptian folklore details. Every piece is a meticulously put together intricate masterpiece with a very distinctive feel to it, be it a stone-studded mirror frame or an ashtray! Beautiful homes are made of this.   Here's the thing: an ashtray is quite literally that - a tin tray meant to put useless ashes in so they don't make the rest of the place dirty and shitty. More often than not, ashtrays are an obstruction to a place's design and overall feng shui; but, they're practical and we need them, lest some idiot come over and decide to ash their cigarette in a plate or a glass. What we love about El 3eilah is that they took a practical problem and made practical solutions. Ugly ashtrays disturbing the peace at home? Now they're etched in Arabesque details that are so mesmerising that we'd probably get mad if someone ashed their cigarette in something so gorgeous. That presents a whole other problem, but that's beside the point.Pizza and beer in bed may be staples of a millennial's weekend, but now you have one more reason to spend your weekends at home: it looks so damn good!  

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