Saturday June 10th, 2023
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El Sastre Fel Sahel

There to make sure that you never fall behind in high-fashion Sahel summers, bespoke tailoring connoisseurs El Sastre have released their latest line of men's swimming trunks in the sunny North Coast.

Staff Writer

We probably wouldn't be alone in saying that Summer in Sahel is probably one of the most try-hard, fashion conscious, and occasionally pretentious holiday destinations in the world. You can't just wander onto the cabayen wearing fake Umbro swimming trunks with a hole in them. Everyone will think you're maa3fin and send you back to Marina 1.

El Sastre is the suave brand playing the bespoke tailoring game in Cairo, creating uber-chic custom made shirts, working with only the most sophisticated materials and trends from around the globe. When we found out they've come out with a summer line that include swimming trunks, we realized our Sahel dilemma may just be over.

"We didn’t want to make just any kind of swimsuit, but one that is comparable to the likes of Vilebrequin, as well as top of the line swimsuits both in quality and fit," Abdullah Zohdi, co-founder of El Sastre told us. The netting is sourced from New York, the elastic from Germany and the aglets from Asia, but it's locally made in Egypt. For just 500 EGP, you can slip into a pair of these stylish shorts.

The trunks come in a wide variety of different patterns and beautiful shades, all with that short cut that makes you look like you’re James Bond looking upon a smokey-eyed Bond babe coming out of the water.

And if 007’s not your thing, then how about Bond villain? El Sastre have also released a new line of their hand-made-in-Ecuador Panama hats for summer too. “We always try to project through our products a feel-good style of life,” says Zohdi, “and as such we started with the introduction of the panama hats back in 2013. As Bill Waterson once said, ‘What fun is being cool if you can't wear a sombrero’.” The panama hats go for around 550 LE.


Only a limited number of trunks and hats are available, so head down to their store in Sahel this weekend to check out the collection, as well as their new range of Summer patterns and materials for dress shirts.

El Sastre is situated at Diplo 3, Sidi Abd El Rahman, North Coast. Opening hours 2PM – 4PM and 6PM-1AM daily.