Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Emojis: The New English?

Emojis are slowly, yet surely, taking over Karim Rahman's life...

Staff Writer

It's common knowledge that technology has been a menace to the English language. It seems that with every new technological advancement, our means of communication and forms of written expression have gotten worse and worse, deteriorating and disintegrating right before our glued-to-our-BBM/Whatsapp/Facebook chat-screen-eyes. Even as I write this, I must resist the urge to abbreviate and avoid big words such as "disintegrate" and "the English language"; my brain's working on overload focusing on all the punctuation and sentence structure (I have to, though. I'd get fired if I didn't).

I've never been a grammar Nazi. I don't mind the occasional shortcut, such as "btw" and "brb". While I'd prefer to write "I miss you" instead of "Miss U", it wouldn't faze me too much if I did. I draw the line at "FYI", though; that shit's crazy. However, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse for the English language. People seem to have forsaken writing their thoughts out altogether, choosing instead to convey their emotions via what could be (in my opinion) the best thing to ever happen to any social platform ever: Emojis.

Not only are they extremely adorable, Emojis give you such a wide range of expression that I can't even begin to explain. I've only recently discovered them myself, and now I am a man addicted. I can't stop using them. Angry? Use an Emoji. Ecstatic? I'm sure there's an Emoji here somewhere...

For illustration purposes, I had a conversation with my best friend purely in Emojis. If you can figure out what we were saying, then I would like to officially welcome to the Emoji club/cult gathering I shall inevitably be starting in the near future.