Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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FUTA Egypt's Beach Towels are the Perfect Addition to your Beach Bag

FUTA Egypt are making all-Egyptian, trendy beach towels and we are in love with them.

Staff Writer

Summer is almost over and the struggle to find the perfect beach towel is as real as ever. Everything is either to too flashy, too rough, or just doesn’t work as towel, but lucky for us, there's a new, hip brand for throws and towels, and their designs are bomb. FUTA Egypt are here to save the day.

Beach enthusiast and founder of FUTA Mariam Fahmy was inspired by pan-African culture and nature's warm colours, daring designs, and statement patterns. After failing to find towels that are both cute and functional, she decided to start her own business. What makes this brand even cooler is that their products are totally Egyptian-made. Fahmy tells us "I spent a lot of time going to factories in Egypt and I found that we have the potential to make really high-quality towels and even start exporting them." We were also told they're working with corporate companies now, so we’re expecting a big announcement really soon.

FUTA’s products are as unique as they are cute and there are plenty of designs for you to choose from. We recommend the round beach towels! 

You can get these awesome towels at the ‘Beit Sitti’ shop in Gouna, the Sherwal in Diplo, Sahel, or you can be a normal person and get yours on their Instagram shop like the rest of us did.