Friday 3 of February, 2023
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Fabulously Flash

While tattoos might be Egypt's favourite accessories these days, some of us just aren't ready to commit. Enter Flash Tattoos - temporary, eye-catching and bang on trend. Find out where you can get them here...

Staff Writer

Getting inked is no longer just for hardcore bikers. In fact, it's not even necessarily permanent and in the form of Flash Tattoos, you can opt out of edgy and go for glowy and pretty, almost like accessories painted onto your skin. Flash Yattoos are the latest trend to sweep girl world and for once in our perpetually late lives, Egyptians have gotten the trend while it's still hot, and just in time for Sahel season. The recently launched Flash Tattoos Egypt has brought over the beautiful trend to our fair nation so we can all adorn our bodies with shimmery art.

The tattoos, which last around four to six days, are usually in glowing silver or gold hues with little injections of black, and take boho-hippie-pretty to the next level, making them the official It trend of the summer. They work more as accessories than tattoos really, with golden art wrapping around wrists or creating upper armbands or delicate rings. This way you can layer up on as many excess 'accessories' as you like without the worry of the sea's water either ruining or swallowing them, and without the actually effort of putting anything on every morning.

Whether you want to create intricate anklets or statement-style necklaces on your skin, or forgo the accessory side of it altogether and just have artsy drawings etched onto any part of your body, we're currently obsessing over these shimmery style additions, partly because of their versatility and partly because they're just so damn pretty. You can totally expect us to get super-pretentious and walk around the Hacienda beach showing off our glowing body art.

You can check out Flash Tattoos Egypt's Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @flashtattoosegypt.