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Facebook Community Rallies to Say No to Fur

For the first time in Egypt, the use of real fur in fashion is being combated by some concerned citizens.

'Fur is Murder' is a campaign engrained in the heads of many thanks to the efforts of PETA. Using celebrities and high budget campaign PETA has managed to spread this message globally encouraging offshoot groups to form to call for the halt of this inhumane practice. Taking up the call here in Egypt is a new Facebook group with the aim of targeting, pressuring, and ultimately stopping the sale of fur in stores across the country.

At the time of cavemen, fur was worn as a primitive garment to keep those braving the elements warm. Wearing fur was a mean of survival and not fashion. Fast forward to present day, where the world fashion has created a plethora of synthetic fibers and faux furs that look and feel identical to real fur, with only one major difference: an animal hasn’t been tortured and skinned, often alive, in order to produce a garment for a heartless rich fashionista obsessed with vanity.

Taking this message to Egyptians is the No to Fur community page on Facebook. This group is still very new to Facebook, however is the first of its kind in Egypt with the focus of ending this cruel fashion style. Still blossoming, the page is quickly becoming a hub where concerned citizens can post about shops selling furs with the goal of making the public aware of stores and bazaars to boycott. With their numbers growing, No to Fur is starting to get to the point where they can mobilize masses that are passionate about animal welfare, and have begun organising rallies..

As it stands Egyptians, are slowly waking to the realisation that animal cruelty and abuse is rampant and needs a unified voice in order to make a positive difference for animals in this country. In order to change a societal views will take time, and as always begins with making it clear to children why wearing fur is unacceptable and why animals need to be treated better. Often times the message is radicalised by extreme animal activists; however you don’t need to be a vegan to understand why this practice is horrifically medieval and needs to end.

To learn more about upcoming rallies or stores to avoid, join their Facebook page by clicking here.