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Famed Lebanese Celebrity Hairstylist Mounir is Setting Up Shop in Egypt

The days of getting dodgy haircuts are over! Renowned celebrity hairdresser Mounir Salon has announced to his millions of Instagram followers that he will be opening multiple shops in Egypt.

He has blessed beauty lovers with short clips of himself magically cutting a bob in minutes, and creating perfectly balanced ombré swirls with his magic hands. He has flawlessly styled celebrity hairdos for people like Shatha Hassoun, Basma Boussil, Hellyluv, and Nadine Nassib. And now, finally, the master of all things hair related, Mounir, has just announced on Instagram the opening of multiple Mounir Salons right here in Egypt.

Mounir Salon is where the magic of hair happens. From regular (or not so regular) haircuts, colouring, and styling to handling bridal hair drama, and make up the diversity of experise has made him the coiffures master; we can barely contain our excitement.

This comes as a relief to many of us who regularly suffer from the mini anxiety attack that happens between the time of booking our hair appointment, and the time we actually go. We’re referring to the ultimate fear of getting a haircut while watching your – very old school – Egyptian hairdresser butcher it in front of your own two eyes, and then proceeds to convince you that shaklek amar (you look great)! Of course you don’t say anything; instead, you go home and cry and try to fix the block-like bangs you now have to live with (unless that’s what you’re going for).

Now they haven’t yet given us an exact date of the opening, or where the salons will be located, but they are posting regular updates through their social media platforms – which we’ll be stalking like hungry hawks, obviously.

Mounir Salon has over two million followers on Instagram and almost three million likes on Facebook.