Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Fashion x History

A group of some of the most stylish trendsetters in the city got together to take pictures in front of our most celebrated landmarks, the Pyramids, and the results are breathtaking.

Staff Writer

Fashion x History

Last week we got a call from fashion blogger, stylist, and all-around fashionable human Hadia Ghaleb, telling us about a shoot where she and five other #Instafamous fashion bloggers were planning to get their sartorial savvy on and conducting a full-on fashion shoot against a backdrop of what are arguably the most famous historical monuments ever (hey, they're the only original seven wonders of the world that are still standing), the Pyramids of Giza.

She and a flurry of fashionistas were getting Studio.X to shoot them at Abou Shakra, all decked out their boho pants, on-trend tops, killer heels and all the rest of it, in a shoot that, according to Ghaleb, pretty much came about almost by accident.

"I was planning on doing a shoot there, just me, and then I mentioned it to some of the girls and they seemed really enthusiastic about it, so I asked if they wanted to join!" Ghaleb says. And then it snowballed to a few more fashion bloggers joining and she ended up with a veritable fashion-culture fusion on her hands, and asked us if we'd like to come by. New-world fashion and old-world history meeting up in a gorgeous collision? We're totally in.

We headed out to our dear old Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, and against the massive glass wall on Abou Shakra's top floor displaying a gorgeous view of the Pyramids, the girls showed off their fierce and fashion-forward styles. There was a table burdened with way too much food, and we were more than happy to ease the burden as we chilled out, took some Instapics of the girls, ate some more, took some more photos... you know the drill. Anyway, we love the idea of integrating our oft-abandoned culture and history into fashion photography, and the results are visually stunning! Take a look at the final photos below…

Nourhan Eisa @nourhanneeisa

Sahar Fouad @saharfouad  

Noha El Sherbini @satisfashionbysn

Farah Galal @farahgalal1

Farah Emara @farahemara

Hadia Ghaleb @hadiaghaleb 

All photo credits to Ahmed Zaatar from Studio.X. You can follow them on Instagram @studio.x