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Fighting Fit

ElFit Fitness Festival is back for round two and they want you to get off of the couch and on to the track, as they look for the strongest, fastest and most determined athletes in Cairo in a two-day spectacular...

We don’t know how this happened or why, but fitness is the new fad with sporting organisations and crack-of-the-dawn runs popping up around the city. It’s like getting stoned on the couch and walking all the way to the front door when the pizza guy comes is no longer considered exercise, and no one gives us a medal when we manage to make it all the way the Fifth Settlement for a house party. No. That just won’t cut it anymore.  The crew behind El Fit Fitness Festival weren’t even satisfied when over 1500 people turned up to support the hundreds of competitors that took part in their ElFit Challenge that took place in their first festival last February; they want even more from us. They want blood, sweat and tears. They want to find the fittest men and women in all of Egypt, and then they want to push them to be even better, stronger and faster. 

Ok. So we’re being a bit dramatic but exercise is a pretty scary notion for the CairoScene crew.  That’s not to say we’re unhealthy; it’s to say we’re one pack of cigarettes away from starting our own tar factory. Nevertheless, we totally get this whole fitness thing. It’s nice to be slim and energetic and to eat good food. It’ll help us party for longer, at the very least. Either way, you’ll find us at the second volume of the Fitness Festival – a two day exercise extravaganza at Uptown Cairo on the 14th and 15th of June. Like the first edition, the Fitness Festival will be looking to advance the fittest participants of the ElFit Challenge – a gruelling round of drills, designed to test speed, strength, agility, endurance, precision and power – to the season finals, set to be around the end of August, this year. Those who qualify on Friday 14th June will be asked to return the next day for knock-out rounds and those who make it through that have just two months to train for the finals where one man, one woman and one team will be crowned ElFit Champions and get big cash prizes. The second day isn’t just about fighting your way to the top though. It’s where the festival part of ElFitness Festival comes in, treating athletes and spectators alike to dozens of fun classes, fitness products and institutions as just about everyone involved in Egypt’s sports industry gets together at the sprawling gardens at Uptown Cairo. There’ll be plenty of (low-cal) food and drinks, fun and games and even a little music to keep you going.

To find out more about The Fitness Festival, visit the Facebook fan page here.

To register for El Fit Challenge, click here