Sunday May 19th, 2024
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France's Astier de Villatte Crafts Ancient Egypt-Inspired Scent

A perfumer and a historian come together to reimagine the scents of ancient Egypt.

Farah Desouky

France's Astier de Villatte Crafts Ancient Egypt-Inspired Scent

Astier de Villatte, a French perfume brand, reimagines the mysterious scents of Egypt’s ancient past with their new perfume line. Delving deep into history’s lost crafts, the perfumer collaborated with historians to revive three scents from different eras of time and space: ancient Egypt, ancient Rome and 18th century France.

Drawing on long forgotten traditions, the ‘Le Dieu Bleu’ perfume recreates the scents of an ancient Egyptian incense known as ‘kyphi’, which was often used in various rituals. In order to do so, ‘Le Dieu Blue’ incorporates honeyed broom, myrrh, green and fresh lentisk, and fruity opoponax to bring us back in time.

Similarly, the ‘Artaban’ perfume is a more modern version of ancient Rome’s ‘royal perfume’, which was made using 24 herbs that were imported at great expense across the Roman empire. Bitter and sweet marjoram, a spicy and fruity cardamom, resinous nard, and herbaceous calamus were used to recreate this highly sought after scent.

Lastly, ‘Le Nuits’ is directly inspired by the perfume worn by French Romantic-era novelist George Sand. This strong fragrance is made with Turkish rose, sensual patchouli, and powdery iris.

Each perfume is sold with its own book, which will tell you everything about its rich history, and the process behind its distinct smell.