Saturday April 13th, 2024
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From Where Arabs Stand

The Arab spin-off of the latest Instagram hashtag craze, #FromWhereIStand, has yielded some visually captivating results. Check them out here.

Staff Writer

From Where Arabs Stand

For artists, egotists and foot fetishists there is a trend sweeping the InstaNation that goes by the name of #FWIS or #FromWhereIStand. The picture craze is essentially people taking a picture that shows where they are currently in an interesting way, with the photographers feet usually being the main focus of the mise-en-scène.

The idea has now hit the Middle East with a new hashtag #FWAS (From Where Arab's Stand), using the same concept, but each picture is taken by an Arab, usually with an Arab twist. The results, as collected by the account @fwarabs, portray a beautifully quaint, eccentric and often kitsch view of the Arab world. Our feet take us to some pretty cool places...