Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Frostbite Cupcakes

Just when you thought you'd have enough of cupcakes, Frostbites ups the game...

Staff Writer

We know, that cupcake bakeries opening up in Cairo is hardly news, but the latest addition to the crazy is a little different. and a lot that are home based. Frostbite Cupcakes takes everything we love about the sweet treats and takes them to beautiful new heights, focusing on gorgeous designs for weddings and special occasions. 

Founder, 27-year-old Farida El Zayat, is an Economics major who wanted to start something creative that she enjoyed. She started decorating cupcakes back in 2010, and then she traveled to London, where she took a course in sugar flower making and got certified by the famous Peggy Porschen Cakes. This is how she decided to specialise in special ocassions, with gorgeous life-like flower decorations and made it her aim to dominate the wedding market. 

On how difficult it is for her working from home and not having a store, El Zayat tells us, “In the wedding and engagement market here in Cairo, I consider myself quite well known.” Guess that’s great enough for now, for her future plan is definitely to open up somewhere. 

Find Frostbite Cupcakes on Facebook here.