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Frsh Kart: Kicks and Caps

A new online shopping Instagram account has gotten the attention of our inner gangstas.

For the street-wear savvy amongst us, it’s always been a chore trying to find decent threads to wear in Cairo’s barren fashion land where there’s no middle ground between Armani and Embrator. How are we supposed to be chillin’ out, maxin’ relaxin’ all cool in the same high-street franchise sneakers everybody else is wearing? So we yelled to the cabbie 'Yo homes, smell ya later,' looked to our Instagram and we were finally there, ordering swag from Frsh Kart of Le Caire.

Frsh Kart is a new online boutique, currently selling off Instagram, that specialises in providing the latest trends in urban fashion that are otherwise not available in Egypt and usually only seen on the heads or feet of famous rappers, front row at Paris Fashion Week.

Think Adidas X Jeremy Scott and limited edition Nike Air Jordans, studded hi-tops, flamboyant OBEY snapbacks, and leather backpacks. The best part is the prices are truly reasonable so you can go on a massive guilt-free shopping spree to catch up on all those years wasted waiting for your online purchases to never arrive in Egyptian post.

They’ll soon be launching their website but for now check out their range of fresh gear here and e-mail orders to Items will be delivered to your door.