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Get a Personalised Video from Your Favourite Celeb with Minly

Fresh new app ‘Minly’ gives you the opportunity to receive personalised messages from your absolute favourite celebs!

Show of hands: who has ever tweeted their favourite celebrity and waited around anxiously in hopes of getting a response? Or perhaps you have one of those friends who won’t stop bragging about that one celebrity who follows them on Instagram and you’re secretly super jealous? Connecting with celebs is about to get a lot easier thanks to new Egyptian startup Minly which gives you the chance to receive or gift a personalised video message from your favourite actors, singers, athletes, influencers and even celebrity chefs (Yep, you can ask Chef Sherbiny to tell your mama that her molokhia is the best in town so she can brag to her friends).

Launched last week, in partnership with Tarek El Ganainy’s TVision, by entrepreneurs Tarek Hosny and Mohamed El-Shinnawy – who, by the way, bring along with them experience from the world’s best technology and entertainment firms, including Disney, Apple and Netflix – Minly is hoping to bring a little light to our very dark and confusing days. “It’s been a very difficult year, and one of the things that makes people happy is getting the chance to connect with their favourite celebrity,” Hosny tells #CairoScene. “It’s all in our name: ‘Min…ly’ – ‘from and to’, meaning passing along happiness, from one person to another.” 

Here’s how it works: download the Minly app or visit the website, choose your favourite celeb then, for a fee, you can input your desired messaging (“Say happy birthday to my friend Mo,” for example), and within three days, you’ll be sent back a video recording to save, cherish and replay at least 4794 times.

Currently, some of the app’s featured celebrities include Fifi Abdou, Mostafa Fahmy, Dorra, Mahmoud Trezeguet, Assala, Hany Ramzy, Wael Jassar and Hamo Bika, among scores of others. “At Minly, all we hope for is to truly nurture a message of positivity and leave a legacy and give people the opportunity to create memories that can last a lifetime.” 

You can now download Minly on the App Store, Google Play or use the service via