Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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#GetScene: 7 Awesome Instagram Photos This Week

We browse Instagram every week for the hottest photos in Egypt. Check out this week's best snaps and use #GetScene for a chance to get featured!

Staff Writer

Here are some of our favourite snaps from around the country this week! Make sure to hashtag #GetScene if you want to get featured, and remember that only photos from the week prior are applicable and we can only include photos from public accounts! 



Sins burning.

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We've left Cairo and flown to Luxor where, after boarding @sanctuaryretreats beautiful luxury riverboat with @aktravel_usa, we made our way via the Nile River to the Karnak Temple complex. Its Great Hypostyle Hall with its 134 columns in the formation of 16 rows is what's shown here in this photo that I captured with my iPhone 6+ and @olloclip. Most people who visit seem to be most amazed by this part of the complex in particular and now that I've been, I understand why. The simple truth is that photos can't do these massive, elaborately carved columns justice. Nor can a photo help you understand just how large the columns are! The biggest difference I've noted so far between Karnak and other temples here in Egypt is the length of time over which it was built and then really in use. Construction started during the Middle Kingdom and continued through to Ptolemaic times with all told about thirty pharaohs contributing to the building of the various structures in the complex. No other place we've visited has been like that. In 1979 the Karnak Temple complex was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. #AKegypt

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