Saturday July 20th, 2024
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Getting Pumped: Ahmed Menoufi

We team up with Reebok and their cutting edge #ZPump shoe to find out how Egypt's most illustrious athletes get motivated. First up, FitSquad Egypt's Ahmed Menoufi...

Staff Writer

Getting Pumped: Ahmed Menoufi

In the first of our series of collaborations with Reebok’s new ZPump sneakers, we get to know the man behind the muscles that is Ahmed Menoufi, founder and head trainer of FitSquad – one of Cairo’s cult phenomena of a Crossfit box. Decked out in Reebok’s high-performance training gear, and the technologically advanced new ZPump running shoes, designed to give a custom-fit every single time thanks to their iconic Pump function, we find out what gets him pumped up and raring to go. "All I have to do is pump air in the air chamber and it becomes locked in. That is very important when performing agility drills and it enhances stability when weightlifting," says Menoufi as the workout begins...

When did you begin practicing sports? Which sports were you into as a child?

I was a football fanatic like most young kids and wanted to become a professional someday. I started football training day and night, at the age of 14 day, and when I didn't train, I would daydream about football. Hard work paid off and I got drafted to represent the under-16 Egyptian National Team. 

When did you pick up Crossfit and why?

Three years ago I was introduced to Crossfit. That sport was the only one that ignited a similar fire inside off me like football once did. A series of varied workouts that challenge you is really motivating.

When did Crossfit turn from a fitness activity into a career for you?

I was lucky to be mentored by the man who started Crossfit in Egypt: Ramy Saleh. He took me under his wing and taught me everything there is. His inspiration made me want to inspire others just like that. About a year and a half ago, I started our establishment, FitSquad Egypt, with my partner AboShakra.

Why do you think Egyptians are becoming more active and health conscious?

I believe Egyptians were always active and health conscious but they just didn't know it yet! 

What's your personal weekly worlout routine?

I train seven days a week. The beauty of Crossfit is that it is constantly changing. You’ve got strength workouts, skill workouts, gymnastic workouts and a mix and match of this and that. These exercises mainly enhance the 10 domains of fitness installed in each and every one of us. In summary, my weekly workout routine is never the same!

After a long week of teaching and working out, how do you motivate yourself to start all over again?

Here is the thing, teaching motivates me to workout and vice versa. Seeing people going against themselves, doing what they thought they couldn't do, inspires me to inspire every day.

What gets you pumped up to work out? 

I was 116 Kgs at the age of 13 and to reach what I wanted, to be a professional footballer, I had to work hard and sacrifice a lot of things. When you go through that process, you never forget it and it’s hard to let it go. Working out is a habit now, a lifestyle, an addiction.

How do you get your class pumped up? Especially beginners who are reaching their threshold?

I ask them why they are working out and why they are here. I constantly remind them why they are doing what they are doing. A person with an objective is unstoppable. I love hearing people saying ‘I can’t do this and I can’t do that’ because I know that in a period of time, they will be able to do it and I'll be there to remind them of that day they thought they couldn't.

Favourite workout music?

Anything with Eminem on it!


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Photography for CairoScene by Mido Ayman.