Sunday May 28th, 2023
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Gianaclis Wine Wonderland

Win a one of a kind trip to Egypt's oldest vineyards just by Instagramming a photo. Find out how Gianaclis are making your wine fantasies come true here...

Staff Writer

What would you say if someone offered you a day touring a wine vineyard? You get to walk around some pretty vineyards and see how that fine, fine liquid is created, you get a delicious breakfast (with wine), you watch a little video (with which we're sure you can demand a wine glass – a better movie companion than popcorn obviously), have an amazingly lavish lunch (with wine), and then feel all pretentious and do some wine tasting – and no one can force you to spit out those sips; you just keep "tasting" as much as you want. We'd say hell yes and we're fairly sure all the wine lovers out there would agree with us.

Gianaclis is offering up such a day for one person and four of their friends, and all you have to do to win it is Instagram a photo of your #GianaclisOccasion to @gianaclisegypt and the picture with the most likes wins this tour.

Now this shouldn’t be too hard a task considering wine is present in most of our photos anyway. Every occasion in our lives is a Gianaclis Occasion. The wonderful liquid is possibly our very best friend on this earth; it's there through good times and bad. Nights in and nights out. Days on the beach or days in front of the TV (or days in bed or days at work or days where we intended to 'work out' but that workout rapidly turned into a drive to Drinkies to pick up a carton of wine). Any moment can only be enhanced by the presence of wine...

But the point is, you and your friends can get treated to an entire day at a wine wonderland courtesy of Gianaclis, just by Instagramming a photo. What are you waiting for exactly?

You can check out their Facebook page here