Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Go Green With Some of Egypt's Most Sustainable Brands

In honour of Earth Day, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite sustainable Egyptian brands. Go green or go home!

Nadine El Roubi

It’s Earth Day, which means it’s time to talk about climate change. And while there’s a lot of companies and governments that are trying to “go green”, there’s nothing more sustainable than going sustainable and going local. Why? Well, you’d be minimising shipping costs, pouring back into the local economy by creating jobs, and contributing to the local social culture by educating people to care about our planet. So where does one start? Here’s 10 local brands to start you off on your quest to save the world… 


WeCare Eco provides environmentally-friendly substitutes to single-use plastic. They sell products like reusable shopping bags, eco-friendly reusable cutlery, paper sandwich bags, and more. Follow them on Instagram at @wecare_ecofriendly 


Rehab Shalaby is a young Egyptian woman who started her own business in sustainable fashion, with her hand-made products of crocheted bags and shirts. Follow her on Instagram at @rehabshalabyboutique 


Though this brand only specializes in reusable straws, they do it well. Their straws are made out of reed, embossed with their logo, and work for whatever beverage your sustainable little heart may desire. Follow them on Instagram at @earthly_eg 


Founded by Nubian women, these sustainability queens have taken recycling to a whole new level. We’re talking about cutting old glass-sprite bottles and using them as cups or candle holders. Crazy, right? But you know what they say – those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, do. Follow them on Instagram at @kendaka.upcycles 


Slow fashion is, you guessed it – the opposite of fast fashion, which is probably the least form of sustainable fashion for a number of reasons. Products are made in mass quantities, regardless of how many are needed. They’re also usually made in sweatshops (illegal and inhumane) and made out of cheap fabrics – which means they wear & tear quickly and end up getting thrown away, contributing to waste and garbage landfills. 

So Zennelle has taken on the noble task of adopting slow fashion, which is an approach to producing clothing that takes into consideration all levels of the supply chain, from the ideation process, to making the clothes, to getting them shipped out.  In doing so, slow fashion aims to respect people, animals, and the Earth. Because the process is so intentional, it also means that more time is spent on the design, ensuring quality in every piece.  

Check out their beautiful pieces on Instagram at @zennelle.bali 


Okay, so you definitely have heard of Upfuse before, right? If you haven’t, get this: they turn plastic waste into anything. Bags, shirts, pants, you name it. And we know there's a stigma around ‘upcycling’, which is that anything recycled or thrifted is probably kinda ugly. Upfuse completely goes against the grain on this one. Check them out on Instagram at @upfuse 


In their own words, Jozee is “a platform that was founded to share the love, passion and stories behind eclectic and handmade products and aims to be the platform for brands and designers that share the same love and passion.” 

They create clothes with an emphasis on Egyptian culture, empowering the women who make them or source their products. They also happen to be a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation. 

Follow them on Instagram at @jozeeboutique. 


Creating locally produced fashion based out of Zamalek in Cairo, The Sahara Collection is actually how you’d imagine it: beautiful kaftans that’ll have you wishing you were in the desert somewhere with a camel wearing heavy kohl. 

Again, locally produced? Sustainable. 

Check out their clothes and accessories on their Instagram at @thesaharacollection. 


Another World Fair Trade certified brand, Kiliim creates a range of stunning handmade products, from pillow covers to organic food to ceramic bowls. Browse through their beautiful page on Instagram, @kiliim_egypt 


Handmade in Egypt and fully designed to promote sustainability, Reform Studio are some of the coolest kids on the block. With tote bags, fanny packs, and even furniture, Reform Studio has blurred the lines between design and environmental awareness. Follow them on Instagram at @reform_studio