Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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GreenWalls Egypt: Breathing Life Into Living Spaces

Living walls quite literally inject a breath of life into a space, creating beautiful vertical gardens. We speak to Ahmed Hemaya, the founder of GreenWalls Egypt to find out more about this nature-fuelled trend that's set to sweep the nation.

Staff Writer

If you’ve travelled abroad recently, you must have taken note of how metropolitan city establishments are utilising and beautifying their walls by installing green or living plantations onto them instead of leaving them as plain slabs of cement. Green walls, also known as living walls or vertical gardens are super trendy, stunning walls covered in plants or flowers, that instantly bring an injection of nature into any house or business space. Being no strangers to urban style living it won’t be long before people in Egypt opt for living walls due to the many benefits they possess. 

We met with Ahmed Hemaya who started one of Egypt’s foremost green wall businesses, GreenWalls Egypt, to talk about how it helps the environment and benefits the costumer. From completing projects in record time to competing with market prices of their competitors, GreenWall Egypt would seem like the obvious choice for anyone who will be looking to transforming their everyday concrete walls into a living, breathing eco-friendly structure.

“Living walls are hot right now, with more and more people opting to have them at home or in their business place, especially in urban and metropolitan cities like Cairo,” Hemaya tells us, “Living walls add a sense of calm to any place they’re installed in, that feeling you get when you’re amongst nature - one we’re so eagerly yearning for but can’t find around our congested city and that creates an unmatched sense of Zen. The conscious, earth aware, healthy option provided by GreenWall Egypt is a one of a kind enterprise offering you the best prices and fastest installation."

GreenWall also pride themselves on delivering their projects on time - and let's be honest, that's something we really, really need in Egypt! "We guarantee to install any given project in a specified amount of time, and we remain involved and hands-on with the continuous maintenance of the projects we've worked on," Hemaya explains.

They have a huge selection of plants and flowers for you to choose from so whether you're looking for green, leafy lusciousness or some pops of colour with vibrant flowers, they've got you covered. Green walls also provide a sense of spaciousness in the areas which they are built in, therefore placing them at entrances is ideal, because when Zen meets space there is an instant sense of ease and welcoming.

Aside from the beautiful aesthetic they add to a space, living walls also have some very tangible benefits relevant to Egypt. “Green walls in Egypt would work really well as they have been known to reduce overall temperatures of buildings. They also help to purify slightly polluted air through the process of photosynthesis. With metropolitan establishment spaces becoming smaller it’s becoming an often-used practice abroad to utilise vertical walls and turn them into living ones for aesthetic beauty and ecological benefits.

GreenWalls Egypt offers a wide array of different designs and various plantations to suit any type of house, business office, or entertainment facility.

You can check out their Facebook page here, follow them on Instagram here

For further information you can contact them on 01270606160.