Monday May 29th, 2023
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Help a Pet Bloom with Adoption Platform Leaf Animals

On a mission to give new homes to Egypt’s stray animals, Leaf Animals is the local platform asking you to adopt, not shop.

Farah Ibrahim

Stray animals are accepted as a fact of life in Egypt. It’s to the point where street cats are treated like part of the scenery, and baladi dogs are seen as perpetually feral vermin, a lesser option to ‘real’ breeds you can buy in a pet shop. Leaf Animals is a local platform that looks to put an end to this perception - to stop animals from being mere commodities in a store, and to get people to adopt them as living beings instead. You’re not buying a status symbol. You’re adopting a new member of the family.

Leaf Animals is made up of animal-loving duo Amina El Shazly and Tanya El Kashef. Each of them rescued and fostered multiple animals over the course of their lives. Between the two of them, they have seven animals at home. So they know firsthand what it takes to care for an animal, and what others need to do to create a good home for them.

“In Egypt you see animals in need on a daily basis yet there isn't often a simple, user-friendly or even inviting way to try and adopt or foster one,” El Shazly tells #CairoScene. “We wanted to help, so we decided to create a platform that facilitates the adoption, fostering, and sponsoring process.”

Their pet adoption platform tries to find the right homes for animals in need, and to support new pet parents on their journeys. They also offer assistance to the animal welfare community at large and aim to be a trusted source of information, guidance, and awareness on animal care.

To adopt or foster an animal yourself, visit