Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Here's How to Support Vulnerable Mothers & Children This Mother's Day

Orphaned children, mothers unable to see their kids, parents and kids who’ve been separated due to migration - here are all the charities supporting them this Mother's Day.

Farah Ibrahim

Mother’s Day is upon us, and while it’s typically a time to pamper and appreciate Mother Dearest to the max, it can’t hurt to be mindful of all the people who aren’t able to celebrate the holiday. Orphaned children, mothers unable to see their kids, parents and kids who’ve been separated due to migration - whatever the reason, we want to highlight all the ways we can do our part to support them this Mother’s Day.


Since the 1970s, SOS Children’s Villages has been operating in Egypt with their first branch in Nasr City. The villages provide a safe haven for children who have been left without parental care due to situational circumstances. You can donate through

HOSPICE EGYPT | Terminally Ill Seniors

Hospice Egypt provides social, psychological, and nursing support to Egyptian seniors, including mothers or senior women who have been left without anyone to care for their needs. They bring on volunteers, but also accept donations through

TERRE DES HOMMES | Child Protection

This international NGO works to protect vulnerable children, especially those subject to exploitation as a result of migration, as well as providing mothers and children with proper healthcare. You can volunteer or donate through


A mega hospital dedicated to treating women suffering from breast cancer free of charge, this NGO and medical facility treats hundreds of mothers every year, ensuring they can go back home to their children. You can choose to either volunteer or donate to the foundation through

SAVE THE CHILDREN | Mother & Child Health, Refugee Families

Global NGO Save the Children works to enhance access to maternal and neonatal health care services, as well as provide young children and adolescents that are refugees and in vulnerable status with child protection, education, and healthcare services. You can donate through

MISR EL KHEIR | Gharemat

Although Misr El Kheir is a large NGO helping support Egyptians struggling with different obstacles, it is one of the few supporting ‘gharemat’, or women imprisoned for failing to pay petty debts. A large number of these women are single mothers struggling to make ends meet, prompting them to take loans. Through Misr ElKheir, your donates can help pay their debts and set them free. Visit to donate to gharemat.