Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Hers Gym Is Celebrating 5 Years of Women’s Empowerment with Reebok through Fitness and Belly Dancing

Powered by Reebok, Hers Gym is celebrating five years of empowering women and working with them to achieve their goals. There'll be loads of fitness classes and plenty of belly dancing... For fitness!

Staff Writer

Sisi said it, the media has said it, and everyone is talking about it; 2017 is the year of the woman and women are owning it left, right, and centre. Never have we celebrated women like we have this year. Also celebrating this year is Hers Gym with a sports event like no other! Rise is the establishment's way of marking five years of being Egypt’s biggest women’s only fitness centre. Rise is also the largest women only event in Egypt, gathering over 2000 women last year. Taking place on the 22nd of April from 9 AM until 10 PM at Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers, Rise is expecting 2500 women this year to celebrate their achievements and continue empowering them through fitness.

Powered by Reebok - who have continuously supported Hers Gym to help women commit to their goals - Rise brings women internationally acclaimed fitness programs with the best female instructors in the country. Zumba, Les Mills, cheerobics, yoga, indoor cycling, belly dancing are some of fitness classes set for the day. And we’ll definitely be there for the belly dancing!

There’s a reason we’re this excited about belly dancing. The belly dancing program is actually an after party competition with… Are you ready? Celebrity belly dancers Dina and Nagwa Fouad! We warned you early so you can start practising your ra3sha!

There will also be bazaars and booths where you can check out the finest fitness gear available in the country – including Reebok’s.

This year’s theme for Rise is Wings as a representation of freedom, spirituality, and the release of creative and positive energy – qualities of strength accentuated by Hers Gym. Ten points to you for bringing fairy wings to the belly dancing competition!

The theme also represents improvement and growth, which is why Hers Gym is donating 5 percent of all proceedings to the Baheya foundation, taking a stand with the women who continue to fight cancer. You can grab your tickets now from the event's Facebook page. See you there; *packing coin belt*. 

Check out the event on Facebook.

*The content of this article is sponsored.