Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Hipsters on a Microbus

A cool kid's guide to commuting around Cairo, including useful GIFs of how to hail down a microbus using secret hand signals.

Staff Writer

Hipsters on a Microbus

Tired of getting ripped off by ruthless taxi drivers or perhaps your parents have decided that you should pay for your own driver? Well why not, give Mami and Papi a two fingered salute by delving into the myriad of microbus.We gave a crack teams of our most elitist hipsters the task of deciphering the secret microbus hand signal code.Ok, first we have to explain what a microbus is...

In case you too are clueless to the concept - we've included the helpful definition below.

Microbus: Ok guys - it's erm... kind of like your driver with really cool people chilling in the back to some really alternative Sha3by music and some totally edgy driving skills.

Cost: 2/3 LE, depending on location.

OK, now that's been cleared up - how can you get down and dirty with this totally saye3 way of getting to City Stars (yes, you can actually get the micro bus to City Stars...almost*). Well, there are a number of ways in which you grab a ride on the poverty mobile just like a real life poor person.

Firstly, you can stand at the side of the street and wait for a microbus to drive by in your direction of travel. Then, flag it down using one of the following hand signals.

6th October
Ring Road
Seventh District
Eighth District

Once on the microbus pass the appropriate fare to the person in front of you - they won't** steal it, we promise. Then sit back and enjoy the ride, the atmosphere and the crappy sound system.

 Watch this space cool kids - we're about to start a trend. Why not give it a try next time your Sawa2 calls in sick?

* - The microbus goes from Midan Ramsis to Makram, a five minute walk from Cairo's favourite shopping hell.

** - They probably won't relieve you of all your worldly possessions